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About Us

Law-Related Education of the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation

Law-Related Education encompasses the educational outreach efforts of the North Carolina Bar Association. Conducted through the LRE Department under the direction of Diane Wright and the LRE Advisory Committee of the NCBA Foundation, the widely acclaimed public service initiative was launched by the NCBA in 1998 under the heading of Lawyers in the Schools. 

Mission Statement

“To educate and empower North Carolina teachers, students and general public by providing civic and legal educational resources, programs, and competitions.”

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For additional information or questions, contact the LRE Department lre@nbar.org.
Diane Wright
NCBA LRE Director
Ph: 919.657.1588
Fax: 919.657.1585
          JoAnn Petilli
NCBA LRE Coordinator

Ph: 919.657.574
Fax: 919.657.1585