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The North Carolina Law-Related Education Advisory Committee (F) – is responsible for educating and empowering North Carolina teachers, students and general public by providing civic and legal educational resources, programs and competitions. The Lawyers in Schools Committee was merged into the Law-Related Education Advisory Committee in an effort to make a very successful program even better and far reaching.

Choose how you want to be involved -
LRE Advisory Committee Member v. LRE Volunteer

Member - is responsible in helping to develop programs and competitions such as Justice Teaching Institute,  mock trial trainings, tournaments, and civic awards.  The committee as a whole is instrumental in all decisions regarding civic and legal educational resources, programs and competitions. Being on the committee also automatically places a member as a volunteer.

Volunteer - is willing to be contacted for opportunities to present in their area at conferences, trainings, business' and career days to speak in the classroom, and allow students to shadow them for a day.  In addition, a volunteer will coach a team, and judge or score at competitions.