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    • ABA Dialogue for Freedom - The American Bar Association and Justice Anthony Kennedy presents a special intiative designed to foster dialogue about American values and civic traditions in our nation's classrooms.
    • American Bar Association Public Education - The American Bar Association Division for Public Education promotes public understanding of law and its role in society. Resources are provided for lawyers, teachers, judges, students, journalists, and the general public. Law-related education resources include books, posters, lesson plans, ideas for outreach, and much more.
    • Beaufort Historic Site - Carteret Courthouse - The Beaufort Historic Site is open to the public and staffed six-days a week, year round, and seven days a week June - August. It's mission is to research, preserve and interpret the cultural, architectural, and historical heritage of Beaufort and Carteret County and to interest and educate current and future generations of this coastal heritage.
    • NC Center for Civic Education - The Center for Civic Education is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational corporation dedicated to promoting an enlightened and responsible citizenry committed to democratic principles and actively engaged in the practice of democracy in the United States and other countries.
    • NC Civic Education Consortium - The North Carolina Civic Education Consortium (CEC) works with schools, governments, and community organizations to prepare North Carolinas young people to be active, responsible citizens. Programs and database of civic resources are available to educators across the state from this website.
    • Constitution Day Resources for Students and Teachers | Bill of Rights Institute - Happy September 17th! Celebrate Constitution Day with your students with fun, interactive games, lessons, and activities from the Bill of Rights Institute! Constitution Day is every September 17th.
    • Constitutional Tales Website - This website is a resource in exploring the North Carolina Constitution and its history for lawyers, educators, judges, students, policy-makers, historians, and absolutely anyone with an interest in North Carolina. North Carolina has an incredibly rich history. And because of courageous leadership, we have one of the best constitutions in the country in creating a fundamental right to education.
    • Interactive Learning Modules - Developed for students as well as the general public, these interactive learning activities are designed to give you a fresh perspective on how the United States Congress works, your role in the process, and peoples' perceptions about Congress.
    • James Madison Montpelier Center for the Constitution - The Center for the Constitution offers a variety of programs for various audiences. Programs vary by content, length, and audience. Most programs are provided at no cost the participants.